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Sign a petition to get Google to remove the offensive racist "Make Me Asian" app

Angry Asian Man wrote about this in November, but the racist “Make Me Asian” app is still available on the Google Play app store. It’s time to sign a petition to get the app removed. 

The burning question of the day: Why are there no Asian Santa Clauses?

From my Nikkei View blog. A producer from KPCC in Los Angeles interviewed me on my thoughts on this topic, and it got me to thinking… and blogging.

Asian women command premium prices for egg donation in U.S.

Asian women can be paid up to $20K for donating eggs while other women earn around $6K — if their eggs are in demand at all. This creeps me out, but the eggs are used by infertile Asian couples. It’s just that Asian babies are more in demand than other ethnicities.